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Where there used to be my heart

Now there is a story untold

A story that couldn’t be shared with the world

A story that couldn’t be celebrated

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“Nothing” She Said


She tried to stay very still
She didn’t want to wake him up
But he did, as he felt his chest get wet.
He held her face up knowing what he would see,
Fat tears rolling down her already moist cheeks.
Her eyes looking down trying to hide the pain
For the pain makes one look weak they say
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The Shell


He was like ice

But today he was melting

His sharp edges becoming soft

His frozen walls coming down

One drop at a time

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Loud Whispers Of Nothing


The blank page kept staring at me

As my pen refused to move

And there it was again, the emptiness.

It’s a familiar sight, I see it every night

As my head touches the pillow

And I shut my eyes ,

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There Is Hope




It is messy, too messy a fight

The process of getting from wrong to right

The ruination of what is, for the inception of something better

And even then it is a game of trial and error

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Life and Passion


Photographer Unknown

Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head

Ocean Sun Set



Have you ever seen the sun setting in to an ocean,

Have you ever really stoped and looked at it ?

The yellow, orange, pink and purple of the sky

Blending in to the glimmering blue of ocean.

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Photographer Unknown

Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head

Few Souvenirs From Sri Lanka



The smell of sea, yellow sand and palm trees
The sound of waves launching from the ocean
And scattering  into the ocean again
Some shells from the beaches of Hikkaduwa
Wrapped in a piece of paper
The stain of butter on my blue dress
From Galle fort when I had the crab platter
And the memory of a dream
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