Let’s talk philosophy, let’s write poetry.
Let’s discuss facts and fiction,
Dreams and realities.

Your clothes and cars are all perfect.
I am more interested in the soul though,
So let’s talk secrets.

Who cares for lukewarm small talk.
let’s not fill the silence with weather,
And other trivialities.

Honest Opinions about life and love.
Opinions about how to save the world,
how to save ourselves.

Let’s talk of things that really matter.
Let’s discuss the battles we fight so silently,
lessons we’ve learnt and our soaring victories.

Let’s talk to heal, to hope, to give faith.
Things that mesmerism us or move us
Lat’s talk mysteries.


Inspiration: After thinking a lot I finally decided what I want my blog to be about and how I want to start it. I decided to start with an original piece, something to express the idea and inspiration behind the blog itself.

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head