I see the side of you that is fascinated by pain, sin and self destruction,
I see the darkness lurking on the edges of your mind and I worry.
I also see all this good in you and I see the love you have in your eyes,
And the fear that holds you back, taking leaps only when the fall is short.
I see the dreams that you weave and I see your depleting faith in them,
I see the battles you lose so casually because giving it your best is daunting,
And so I worry.


What if you give it all you have and when you lose, you lose it all.
We still lose it all by the end eventually, losing in small calculated installments,
If we never take the risk of fighting with all our might, we risk never winning.
I don’t understand a lot about life but I am beginning to understand you a little,
I am beginning to understand because a part of me is a lot like you.
A part that I am constantly trying to comfort and so sometimes I worry,
I worry about you and me.


I am involved now, I can’t turn away, I am in it neck deep,
With my flesh I gave you access to my soul and now, that what wounds you scars me too,
So fight! Fight for my soul if not yours, fight to win because you have me by your side.
I am not going anywhere, we are in this together, your strength and my faith together,
You asked for my flesh and now I am asking for your strength, every last ounce of it,
I will protect your strength with my faith, you protect my faith with your strength.
Save yourself to save me.


Everything you have got to lose, you will lose it in the end anyway,
So fight with me, fight this once with the fierce heart I know you have,
We might lose a few battles but we might just win the war, we can win together.
The worst that can pass is that we perish together but if its inevitable to perish,
Oh! what a beautiful and perfect cause this will be to be martyred for,
Also, what if we win.



Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head