I held him and he held me, laughing and carefree,
Standing against the soaring waves, afraid of nothing.
We kissed under the blue sky, in middle of an ocean,
On a vacation from life, Somewhere outside of time.

Sun disappeared in orange horizon, the night was upon us,
Surrounded by palm trees we got high on the intoxicating breeze.
We sat across the table on the shore outside a shack,
but the little candle that flickered on the table was melting away.

The journey that made us feel so alive was coming to an end,
It was our last night in a small fairy tale on an island far away.
We were to return the next day to the fake realities of life,
The world was waiting to cage us on other side of the sea.

Under the light of an almost full moon and melancholy stars,
We still had that night and that night was still ours.
So many memories, so much to say that words weren’t enough,
And suddenly quartet sang a song for us and it almost said it all.

It was as if the universe conspired to create one perfect moment for us,
Waves sang along and Sea came alive with the glittering moonlight for us.
I felt like my flesh became porous and my heart became permeable,
It all trickled somewhere deep down touching my soul, my very core.

He held my hand, he had to and I looked into his eyes, I had to,
Fire between us was growing I found myself drowning in the warmth.
So much honesty in our eyes, joy so intense that I had to look away,
Our hands still entwined, did the talking for us, said all there was to say.

In the world we live, too much happiness can be terrifying at times,
Once we find it, we can lose it, and we always lose much more than we find.
This time when I looked at him, he leaned in and kissed me, one small kiss,
We may or may not lose what we found there but we will always have that night.


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head