Chasing things we were told to chase
We were told are worth chasing
We became  slaves, caged
By those borrowed dreams

Sweating and fretting, killing ourselves
To fill those shiny shoes we wanted
The shiny shoes they all wanted
Even though it will never fit

Like plastic soldiers made in a factory
We look alike, we fight the same battles
So someone else can wear the crown
And we get our agreed price

We wage war on our heart and soul
So we can be faithful puppets
That’s how we will earn our gold
To buy merriment we were told

We cut our wings and earn our gold
We buy ourselves friends and family
A house and things to fill it with
Jewels and hats, this and that

And we wonder where are the joys
May be we need some more toys
A bigger shoe, bigger pot of gold
Ought to do it, should suffice

We chase some more and some more
We leave all of our lives behind
We get all that we thought we wanted
And in the end we finally realize

That we don’t care for it, for any of it
Those dream’s weren’t ours to begin with
The promise land we so desperately sought
For it, wrong was the bloody address we got.


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head