You heard of angels in songs and sonnets
But you don’t believe they exist anymore
Once they did but they are now extinct
World changed, the climate changed
It became Scorching, savage, befitting the demons
Not favorable for foolish, forbearing angels anymore
When good fights evil in this time
Evil prevails and kindness becomes a crime
So scuffling, bruised and drained, some died
Some gave in and changed their side
Some escaped to save their souls
Wounded, scarred, these broken angels
Somber, dreary , behind masks they hide
Trying to do what daemons do
Trying to fit in, trying to survive
Becoming fake demons, even worse angels
Disgusted,  resenting their own sight
Wondering when they saved their soul
Did they really save anything at all
That soul is tainted now by sins
One story ends and a new one begins
Once again they had to they had to make a choice
Change sides or one last sin, commit suicide
Or go out and against demons you ride
Which is very much like suicide
Some again changed their side
Some again died, Some decided to ride
These are those who live amoungst us
Looking exhausted from the fight
You call them doltish, you call them dreamers
Or you take their kindness for forgery or pride
You attack them and you disgrace them
Because you don’t understand them
Because what could they mean
From all that kindness and niceness
What do they get, what do they want
They won’t fool you, you won’t fall for it
They are hiding weapons, you know
And so you should make the first strike
And you strike but they don’t, they die
Or survive just to die another day
But these broken angels they have decided
That this time they won’t run away


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head