My eyes couldn’t rest all night
The dreams didn’t let them
My heart kept longing for you
Sleeping right by your side
Even though you held me close
My heart kept longing for more

You are convinced there is no forever
And I believe in everlasting love
What if we get what we believe in
What if I find that love in you
But the togetherness doesn’t last
Because you didn’t believe it could

All this pain, all this uncertainty
Will you please make it go, could you?
If you don’t have forever
Then may be just for a day?
Give me one day of eternity
Just for a day let there be a forever?

Just for a day, need me more than I need you
Love me so deeply that it hurts
Even the good times hurt somehow
For the thought of losing this
Becomes  more painful with every joy
Just for a day, want me forever?

Hold my hand, step into my dreams
Tell me we will turn it into reality
Just for a day, believe in forever
Believe in undying, ever growing love
And believe in us, for that day, let me be
The only thing you will ever need

Convince me if only for a day
That You and I are meant to be
Be in love with me eternally
Just for a day, be mine for forever
And I will be yours, Only yours, all yours
For all the times to come, just for a day


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head