I look out into the starry night sky, only to lose myself
The way an audacious wave looses itself in the enormous ocean
Millions of Colossal balls of fire looking like small glimmering spec of dust
What relevance does one have in this vast universe full of giants
The grandest of my actions, so insignificant in this world where stars go unnoticed
Where galaxies may live or die yet not even slightly muddle the universe’s equilibrium
And yet we compete. It’s like an insect competing to be a better insect
We sweat outside and burn inside, We kill ourselves and we kill others
To have more of dust, to be a better spec of dust and to one day disappear in dust
What’s the point of all the hate and judgments, all the fear and desperation
If in the end we will prove nothing, we will change nothing, we will gain nothing
We will still be nothing in this world that is bigger than our wildest imaginations
What to do with this small life then,why live, why do it all or do anything at all
But if we don’t do things for ourselves and our loved ones, no one else will
World might not care about what we do but there are those to whom we mean the world
People including ourselves whose happiness is the only thing that really matters to us
If in this meaning less life we can find meaning in something, it’s worth living for, isn’t it?
In the end love is the only thing that makes sense, more real than everything tangible
Actions inspired by hate and desire will fade into nothing but the actions inspired by love
They stay, they stay in our insignificant lives and in insignificant lives of those we adore
They create that joy that makes our worthless existence worthwhile.
If you only had one insignificant day, how will you spend it ?
It’s insignificant and small and meaningless to the world and you can’t change that
If you could do anything today but you will only live today what will you do?
Even if you change the shape of the earth today universe will still be the same
I don’t know about you but I will do what brings me and my loved ones joy
on that day I will love truly, speak honestly and wear my soul on my face
Think about what will you do. Now think this,
You only have one insignificant life, what shall you do with it?
It’s insignificant and meaningless, but it’s yours to live, what will you do?


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head