Opinionated Head



September 2016

Blank Pages


There is a certain beauty

In the emptiness of blank pages

They are full of possibilities

Pages filled  with stories and

Sentiments are captivating

But empty pages Continue reading “Blank Pages”

Time Will Tell



He had a kind face
But his soft tired eyes
Told a different story
A story she was familiar with
Whenever her eyes met his
She saw what they so playfully hid
A tempest so darkly menacing
Resembling her own blustery nights
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Life’s Inevitable Dilemma


Sweating and bleeding, wounded he fought

And When his life reduced him to his knees

His empty eyes looked up at his charging enemies

Not seeing but looking through them, lost in a deep thought

Trapped in a conundrum, caught in life’s inevitable dilemma

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Pretend Love



Love in our hands, in todays life
Is like in hands of a kid a sharp knife
Being waved around so carelessly
Thoughtlessly and dangerously

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Pray Be Gentle



Don’t break my heart when you leave

Be gentle the day you stop loving me

I wish it didn’t have to be this way

I hoped you would stay, endlessly

Depart if you must but Pray be gentle

Continue reading “Pray Be Gentle”

Lost In The Frozen Woods



It’s so bitterly cold so dreary around here

My freezing hands are trembling in fear

Not enough warmth left in my body to survive

But the thought of going back home , keeps me going

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Leap Versus Fall



I took the leap of faith
But the fall is too deep, too fast
I haven’t hit the ground yet
I am still hoping I wouldn’t
Not this time, that this time around
I will make it, I will get there
Continue reading “Leap Versus Fall”

That Psychotic Little Thing



There is no method to her madness

No reason to her eccentricity

She comes wearing a veil of sanity

But once she makes herself at home

You know she is a complete lunatic

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Magic Poisoning


She was so little, so full of joy once
listened to bed time stories
With sparkle in her eyes
Of far of lands and a time long long ago
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