I am strangely all right
It doesn’t even hurt
The distance
Life goes on
Just like it always did
I do all life things
I eat, sleep, drink and laugh
No void to fill
Memories, yes
But no constant carving
I live a full life
Even though you are away

I just don’t go to sleep
feeling warm in my heart
And I don’t wake up everyday
With a smile on my face
When I do smile
It doesn’t reach my eyes often
But I don’t think I am sad
You can call me happy
But I only truly smile
When I read your text
Or when I am answering
A question about you
And suddenly I realize
I miss you

Everything is fine
Just a certain flavor
Missing from my life
When you are away
I was content with things
Before I met you
But now I have tasted beauty
And when you go to your city
You take it with you
And I miss it
And I miss Your smile
Which I have grown so fond of
The touch and the little kisses
And I miss how safe
It felt in your arms

Come back soon
I didn’t think I did
But as it turns out, I do
Need you, close to me.


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head