I took the leap of faith
But the fall is too deep, too fast
I haven’t hit the ground yet
I am still hoping I wouldn’t
Not this time, that this time around
I will make it, I will get there
But on my way down, while I am falling
Its not easy to not look at the ground
Having faith for a moment
And making the jump, is one thing
Keeping the faith while you fall
Is entierly another
The harsh wind is slapping my face
And pricking in my eyes
Its like I am sinking in a hurricane
So much air yet I can’t breath
If only I could control my pace
Slow down just a little bit
It probably won’t be this terrifying
Falling down slowly and gently
I Don’t regret the leap, Just that
Wish I waited for you
Only If I could hit the breaks now
I want to stop here, mid air
Wait for you to catch up
Before I fell any deeper
I could still have faith
All I need is a little inspiration
If only you were right next to me
By my side, falling with my rapidity
I wouldn’t fear any fait


Daily prompt  – Jump

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head