It’s so bitterly cold so dreary around here

My freezing hands are trembling in fear

Not enough warmth left in my body to survive

But the thought of going back home , keeps me going

It’s been days wandering in the frigid woods, lost

There is not much to hang my hopes on

Just a dying fire on the bank of a frozen river

And my old jacket that still smells of home

Reminds me what I am fighting for, waiting for

But hunger is clenching and harrowing my insides

The icy cold wind  is piercing my skin, numbing my legs

Exquisite looking snowflakes are biting my bones

My faith is depleting and my body is shutting down

I lay in the snow clutching my locket in my hands

For some strength, Your fading picture in my locket

Keeps me company, Keeps me fighting one more day

Keeps my heart warm with memories

Keeps me from giving up today



Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head