Love in our hands, in todays life
Is like in hands of a kid a sharp knife
Being waved around so carelessly
Thoughtlessly and dangerously

Fascinated by the idea of love sold by a poet
We treat our hearts like an exorbitant book at best
Given away and taken back so liberally
Like we borrowed it from a library

Not realizing every time we drop our heart
It breaks a little bit and turns a little tart
If we keep throwing it the way we throw it
Our hearts will turn numb before we know it

So be careful kid when it comes to love
It has ruined lives more than enough
Be utterly certain when you make that call
You have to stand by it when curtains fall

Profound love is serene and tranquil,  it liberates you
But pretend love is venomous, burdensome, mutilates you
So don’t chase love kid, It’s not something you can take
Genuine love is hard to come by, often what we find is fake


Daily Prompt: Pretend

Artist Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head