Always traveling through time

He is never in his body

His mind escapes it’s shell

Often to go in past or in future

His efficient shell does everything

Needed to be done at present, abstracted

While he spends his time away somewhere

Reliving, Regretting, Dreaming or worrying

But never living and life passes him by

He has been traveling for so long that

He doesn’t know how to stop anymore

He disappears from his body

Even when he wants to stay

Even when he wants to be present

At some special occasion of his life

He disappears from his shell

Only to come back in future

But he has missed the moment

Always too lost to be happy

He has missed that present where

Life was happening

He traded living in the moment for

Traveling in time  and now, what looked like

A special ability resembles a curse closely

And he can’t find a way to stop

To live, live where life is happening


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head