When you think you need a magic lamp

Look at the mieghty mountains and the grand oceans

Look at the trees, the clouds, the stars in the sky

Do you see how small you are?

Do you see how small are the things you worry about?

Now look again at the mighty mountains and grand oceans

At the trees, the clouds and those starts in the sky

And see this universe, see what you are a part of

Work with it, let it work with you and through you

This world is yours, all this magic is yours to tap into

There is enough for all of us so don’t worry

Make your wish, let the magic flow into you

And through you, it will make your wish come true

You are the genie you seek

The one who lives in a magic lamp

Go on, grant your wish.



Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head