Don’t promise me stars if they are not yet on the cards
For me, you don’t have to be  someone you are not
We don’t need an ironclad contract assuring us
Of a happy ending for something beautiful to start
Future anyway has too many possible out comes
For us to be truly certain of getting any particular one
Merry or sad

I am happy, with just a little bit of hope
Having a little air of possibilities for dreams to breath in
And having this moment, here with you tonight
Writing our story one sentence at a time
No recipe to follow, No lines to stay within
Painting the canvas with colors which only we like
As we go along

Not all good stories have to have a happy end
And not all happy endings have to look alike
Not all the species that mate for life have to have a similar life
Some build a home together, Some hunt together and some fly together
Whatever we will be or whether we will or will not be anything at all
We have each other tonight and in this moment I am yours, you are mine
That’s enough for now

But as my heart grows fonder, the fear of unknown takes over at times
My already wounded heart freezes on touching anything sharp in the dark
Keep me warm when it gets cold like that, hold me till I stop trembling
But don’t sing me no songs that your heart is not completely in tune with
Don’t say the words until your thoughts can’t stop screaming it in your head
Don’t fall for me until you are all in, heart and soul in, everything you have, on stake
any less, and we will both lose


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head