Sometimes in middle of despair and chaos
When I have been losing my grip
I get this sudden breeze of clarity
I look up at the stars and I see her
And I realize I want to be her

She is strong and wise, kind and calm
She is never scared or insecure
She wears her soul on her face
And loves fearlessly, lives deeply
She lives in the moment and has faith in the universe
She is the universe, she has faith in herself

She is human in many ways, silly and down right crazy at times
She loses her way sometimes and she makes mistakes
She is unsure about a lot of things and at times
She doesn’t have control over life,  sometimes she gets sad
But she try’s to do the the right thing when things don’t go right
And she stays graceful, patient and grateful for all that is still right

I see her and I want to be her, and forever be that way
Flowing freely through the sky like music or light
Bigger than “You and I”, better than “me and my”
Raw, unbiased, unselfish, just pure and peaceful
Unapologetic, Unashamed, a force of nature


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head