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Poetry and Paintings by Niharika Jaiswal


November 2016

Life and Passion


Photographer Unknown

Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head

Ocean Sun Set


Have you ever seen the sun setting in to an ocean,

Have you ever really stoped and looked at it ?

The yellow, orange, pink and purple of the sky

Blending in to the glimmering blue of ocean.

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Photographer Unknown

Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head

Few Souvenirs From Sri Lanka


The smell of sea, yellow sand and palm trees
The sound of waves launching from the ocean
And scattering  into the ocean again
Some shells from the beaches of Hikkaduwa
Wrapped in a piece of paper
The stain of butter on my blue dress
From Galle fort when I had the crab platter
And the memory of a dream
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Let’s fly away


All these people, sparkling and smiling
Getting drunk and talking like they have a clue
Laughing like they are happy to be here
In this ostentatious party, blowing kisses to strangers
Listening to stories with a theatrical smile
While thinking of a better one to tell

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Memory Lane


I walk down the memory lane
Everything seems brighter, more beautiful
Than it seemed back then.
Do you ever wonder, why is it
That we have to lose something
To truly appreciate the value of it?
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Break me good



Let me take the pressure off, Let’s just say that we will fail.
Let’s agree that love is a sham and happily ever after, a myth.
I have been hoping for a forever while you believe in transience,
I can’t say that I haven’t considered the possibility of you being right.
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