Let me take the pressure off, Let’s just say that we will fail.
Let’s agree that love is a sham and happily ever after, a myth.
I have been hoping for a forever while you believe in transience,
I can’t say that I haven’t considered the possibility of you being right.
Hope and despair don’t react well together, they create chaos and distress
Of the worst kind and so if you don’t have hope, let’s go with despair
Let’s say that what we have is perishable and everything is perishable.
Let’s say that it will meet its definite end and that will break our hearts.

All I have to say in the end, break my heart if you must
There’s but one thing that I ask, do me a kindness, break it good.
Break it so, that there is no becoming whole again, ever again.
Shred every last bit of hope left, rip it off of all its faith,
I don’t want to try again, I don’t want to fly again, fall again.
This time let it break for good, don’t just injure, strike to kill.
Don’t leave it half alive and condemn it to the agony of heartache
Kill it thoroughly so there is no life left, no more pain left.

I don’t want to go down the same path again,
Only to meet the same fate and find the courage to start again.
Free me from this vicious cycle, free me one way or another,
Eternal salvation or complete destruction, either will suffice my dear.
Break me by all means if you must, all I ask is break me good,
Don’t just tear a part of my flesh, rip me off of my soul.
Break all the dreams and the dreamer inside of me,
destroy all the beliefs and the believer inside of me,
Let this be the last time I dare to dream.


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head