All these people, sparkling and smiling
Getting drunk and talking like they have a clue
Laughing like they are happy to be here
In this ostentatious party, blowing kisses to strangers
Listening to stories with a theatrical smile
While thinking of a better one to tell

Darling! let’s drink our booze and get out of here fast
I want to take off my dancing shoes, will you carry me out?
They will find it rude, they will call us crazy
But sanity is overrated, no one sane is ever really happy
Let’s leave this reality  we keep trying to escape
Let’s go to the rooftop, I want to read you a poem I wrote

It’s called let’s fly away, it’s about you and me
Let’s fly away to the clouds, let’s get high on dreams
Let’s camp in a rainforest, let’s make love in a tent
By the fire, under a million stars and tall trees
Let’s fly away, let’s find our dreams, find our own definition of life
Where many writers and painters found their first inspiration
In Paris in love, let’s walk in those streets and get drunk in a bar
Let’s put our headphones on and dance in front of Eiffel tower

Let’s take a bus to the nearest hill, live in a wooden house
Drink fresh tea in the mornings while reading poetry
We can stay in all day, I will paint, you can read or write
Or just stay in the bed together tracing love songs
With our fingers on each other’s skin
Let’s take a road trip to go to a beach somewhere
And get high with gypsies while listening to Vedder

It will be dawn soon, time to get off the roof soon
As the sky turns gray then red and then blue
Everything turns black, coming back to earth again
Like that ostentatious party, nothing’s real about that reality
I am glad I get to go home with you when the darkness descends
We get to sleep through the day feeling safe in each other’s arms
Healing, fading each other’s scars one touch at a time
Breathing life into this washed out actuality one kiss at a time
Until it’s time to spread our wings and fly again

And when it’s time, let’s not think, let’s just fly away.

Daily prompt – ostentatious

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head