I walk down the memory lane
Everything seems brighter, more beautiful
Than it seemed back then.
Do you ever wonder, why is it
That we have to lose something
To truly appreciate the value of it?
When life is happening we are busy
Trying to understand it, doubt it,
Worrying about losing it
Or worrying about something else entirely.
We only really cherish it when we relive
Those precious moments in our memories,
Missing the good things that are gone now,
Regretting trying to look too closely for hidden flaws
Or not looking at all, distracted by our distress
About something that never happened,
When we had the chance to take delight in it.
Or was it a different memory lane?
A different moment that we were busy reliving
While a new one was taking shape?


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head