The smell of sea, yellow sand and palm trees
The sound of waves launching from the ocean
And scattering  into the ocean again
Some shells from the beaches of Hikkaduwa
Wrapped in a piece of paper
The stain of butter on my blue dress
From Galle fort when I had the crab platter
And the memory of a dream
I once saw in Bentota
Isn’t Bentota such a musical name?
It’s a small town on a big island called Sri Lanka

A jar of freshly made strawberry jam
With big chunks of of strawberry in it
And a bag of fresh organic tea
Oh! the aromatic fresh organic tea
From the farms of Nuwara Eliya
A pair of shorts with tribal print
And the blue scarf with elephants on it
These are my few souvenirs from Sri Lanka
My precious souvenirs of Sri lanka

The pictures of us bathing
In the natural fountain of Ella
And the beat that my heart skipped
When you kissed me in the shack.
The breath that got trapped  inside
When I dove into the swimming pool
To pick a pebble from it’s floor,
The look on your face until you realized
I cheated to win that dare.
The words that got stuck in my throat
When you held me close and danced
Back in the hotel room, on our last night
On that lovely Hindi Song
Are my few souvenirs from Sri Lanka
My precious souvenirs of Sri Lanka

Inspiration – I accidently opened this picture on my laptop and the memories came pouring in, into my heart in the form of pure joy, into my hands as they typed the words, so apparent on my face as I smiled the whole time I wrote this post.

Image and Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head