It is messy, too messy a fight

The process of getting from wrong to right

The ruination of what is, for the inception of something better

And even then it is a game of trial and error

More demolitions after more creations until you get it right

Made more difficult by not even knowing what right looks like in daylight

Until we realize that we haven’t, we think we have got it right this time

Until it turns to dust, it feels good, buoyant, even sublime

The worst of it all is the erosion of faith with every lost fight

But we fight, sometimes it is easier to stay down for the night

But we stand up after every fall and keep walking to find that right

Because we only really lose and have our final fall when we let go of the rope

Till the time we have hope, there is hope.


Inspiration- Finding Your Place and WordPress Photo Challenge: Anticipation
Image and Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head