She tried to stay very still
She didn’t want to wake him up
But he did, as he felt his chest get wet.
He held her face up knowing what he would see,
Fat tears rolling down her already moist cheeks.
Her eyes looking down trying to hide the pain
For the pain makes one look weak they say
And she wasn’t weak, why was she crying?
She thought to herself.
He pressed her against his chest again,
With the softest kiss on her hair
He asked “What can I do?”.

Love me.
Look into my eyes
And lose your heart to me.
Tie your soul to mine,
Love me with every ounce of fire
left in your chest and I know there’s plenty.
Take my hands in yours
And pour your heart in them,
Tell me you love me too.
Tell me today, you love me
More than you have ever loved anything
And tell me you are mine
And I am yours, for life.
Tell me you know it in your gut
And you feel it in the air
That it’s the kind of love
People fall in and
Never fall out of.
Tell me so I can tell you
I feel the same way,
So I can let go of all caution
And let myself love you
The way I really want to.

He asked again,
Bringing her back to reality
“Tell me, what can I do?”
But everything she really wanted
Was not something one asks for
So “Nothing” she said
“Just hold me” and he did,
And it was enough.
If she couldn’t have his love,
To be able to cry in his arms
Was enough.


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head