Think of your heart as a bird,
Your life is in this bird
But don’t try to cage it,
Don’t think you can give it
To someone else to keep it
In their beautiful gold cage.
Don’t force it’s direction,
Let it fly, just follow it
And when it sits somewhere,
Let it sit, sit next to it,
Don’t try to build a nest around it
Don’t tie a string to its feet,
Don’t clip it’s wings,
Let it fly on if it wants to,
Let it sit somewhere else
And if it makes a home somewhere
And only when it makes it’s home
On it’s own somewhere,
That you will be truly home.
Your job is not to force it
To make a home faster
Your job is to set it free,
let it fly and follow it,
To keep it safe maybe
And to protect it’s home
when it makes one.


Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2016, Opinionated Head