10 months ago I left a position of marketing manager at a luxury sports travel company where I was heading marketing for North India and I took a travel break.

I always wanted to travel, but I always had reasons to postpone it. I decided I can’t keep waiting for life to hold my hand and take me on adventures. When I first realized that I want to quit my job and decided to take a break and travel before I start looking for another one, my friends told me how it is a huge career risk. In India we don’t appreciate career breaks, they were right, we don’t. Did I want a life in which I had never taken any risks or a career that was at best, safe? NO. I served my notice period, saved some money and started my journey.

By now, I have traveled to 16 cities, both in and outside India, some in luxury, some like gypsies. In last 10 months, I have felt intense joy, experienced peace and serenity, I have seen chaos and dealt with adversity, I have fallen in love and I have pursued my interests, I have been on adventures and I have started writing.

I always wanted to write, I scribbled some poems in my diary every now and then but I never showed them to people. They never seemed good enough. Eight months ago, my old friend Puloma suggested that I start a blog. She told me, one has to start doing something to eventually get better at it. I started my first blog, this blog. I am very excited that this blog has exceeded its first mark of 100 followers. It might not be much of an achievement, but it’s a start. There were times that a reader told me how my post moved or inspired him/her, how wonderful is that! Having inspired someone with your work is an inspiration in itself. Thank you, everyone, for your constant support.

I haven’t blogged much in a while, I was focused on writing a book, a birthday present for the man I have fallen in love with. He has been my biggest source of inspiration, it was only fair that my first book be about him, for him. It might not be a great book but he was so happy when I gave it to him, that makes it a success for me.

I have started my search for a new job and things are moving slowly. I always knew I will face difficulties when I start the job hunt because of the long break, but had I not taken the break, I will have never become the person I am today. In the big scheme of things, these little difficulties will be forgotten, but the memories, the discoveries I made about myself and the new journeys that sprouted from this one will forever remain.

I have realized that every decision of your life should be taken keeping the bigger picture in mind. When at crossroads, ask yourself, which path has the potential to add maximum value to your life. Sometimes it will be simple, it will be the popular choice and sometimes, it will be the road less traveled by. Whether you shy away from the risk or march on, will make all the difference.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
– Robert Frost