Udaipur, a city of lakes, situated in the state of Rajasthan, in western India. It is also referred to as the Venice of East. I have not yet been to Venice so I can’t confirm the comparison, but I can tell you this, It’s a beautiful city, full of art, culture, forts and lakes.


I went there a few moths ago with my psychotic friend, she is completely nuts but she is a dear friend and very often my partner in crime. We just picked up our bags and decided to go to Udaipur, no hotel bookings. We rented a Vespa there, but only after she proved it to me that she can actually ride one. We went from hotel to hotel until we found an amazing view of the city. It was majestic. The view of the city from across the lake and its reflection flowing in that lake was almost poetic.


The last boat for the boat ride in lake Pichola leaves every evening around sunset, we barely made it in time. Sunset is the best time for a boat ride in that lake. You can see the sky change colors and the sun blend into the glimmering lake, and right when everything starts turning blue the lake lights up with hundreds of glittering lights of the forts and hotels in and around it. Yes, there are two forts in the middle of the lake, now turned into luxury hotels. They send boats for their guests to reach there.


As I sat there in the boat and looked at the changing reflections in the lake, as I heard the sound of water making way for our boat and felt the wind in my hair, I felt time slow down. I took deep breaths, in an effort to take the moment in and I let myself go. I let myself float in the lake, in that boat, like I was a reflection of something. A reflection of myself or of my soul, or may be of this universe. Maybe we really are just reflections of something, don’t you think?


Photo challenge – Reflecting