As she walked with confident steps
Towards the life she wanted,
Looking poised and prepared to the world,
Her mind was cluttered with muddled thoughts.
A gradual qualm had taken over her,
Does the end always justify the means?
She visioned it happening differently,
And what if the life she wanted
Is not really the life that is good for her?

But there was no turning back now,
She didn’t want to turn back now.
Beyond her qualm and confidence,
Beyond her faith and fears
She had to do this.
She owed it to herself,
To at least once, reach out for the life
That she had always dreamed of.

Once a dream takes root in our heart
We have no choice
But to follow it’s path,
And then, whatever happens, happens.


Daily Prompt- Qualm

Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head