My post “Reflections in Lake Pichola, Udaipur” in response to last week’s Photo Challenge “Reflecting ” was so well-received that I decided to do another post with a series of pictures from Udaipur for this week’s photo Challenge “Heritage

The City of Lakes, Udaipur, does not only have many beautiful lakes but it also has a lot of culture and heritage to offer. City Palace on the east bank of lake Pichola is the best place to go for a small peak into the rich heritage of Mewar Dynasty. The construction of this palace began in 1553 and over 400 years many rulers from Mewar Dynasty made their additions to it. Now a major part of it has been turned into a museum which is open to the public.

As you know, I was in Udaipur with my psychotic friend. She wanted to roam in the market, she is not the museum kind. Although the Udaipur market is an experience in itself, I told her I will go to the museum and join her later.













The palace was so beautiful and grand from the outside, colorful and vibrant from the inside. Such intricate details and beautiful colors, It was dripping of art. Every chamber, every door, every window was a work of art. It was breathtaking how royal and magnificent every corner of the palace looked.

The Museum displayed some original and some replicas of things from that time, and it was mesmerizing for someone like me, who has always felt nostalgic for times she has never seen. It was fascinating being in the Palace and imagining the stories it has seen. Imagining how people, kings, and queens lived there and what that life must have been like. I am convinced that I have more comfort now than they did in that time because of the lack of technology then, but the grandeur of that place, that life, was almost overwhelming.







When I left the place to go to the market I felt like I had seen a lifetime in that afternoon. A lifetime in a time so strange and so long ago, I was a part of that life, may be just a spectator but I saw it, I was there. I was a part of that heritage,  and now it was a part of me.

I can’t believe, I never liked history back in school. Faded pictures of places and people in black and white, could never do justice to the grand tales those pages tried to tell us back then.



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