She was a kite adrift,
She wanted to keep moving,
There was no place
She really wanted to go or be.
Her eyes were searching for something
But what, she couldn’t see.

One day,
A gypsy found her near the edge of horizon
Stuck in the skeleton of a tree.
He took her out ever so gently,
And tied her to his heart
With a string made of an artery.
He threw her up in the air,
With him he took her everywhere
Or followed her in her direction of flight,
Pulling her steady whenever she tottered in the sky,
And letting her loose when the wind took her high.
She was a drifter, she needed to be free,
She always needed to be free.
But how does one break a string made of an Artery?
And there was no need, you see?
Together they were home yet somehow free
She was a kite tied to the heart of a gypsy.

Daily prompt – Adrift

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Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head