I tried pushing the walls,
Bruised my knuckles on locked doors,
Broke my back trying to move mountains.

And When I was completely broken,
And when I gave up all control
All illusions of control,
When I was free falling,

The wind lifted me up
Like a feather, I was swaying in the air,
flowing and swirling with the wind,
flying with the wind.

Going where the wind took me,
Humming my favorite tune.
letting the chips fall where they may,
There was no plan from which they would stray.

By giving up the little power
I was trying so hard to clutch on to,
I was finally empowered,
I was finally free.

There was beauty all around me,
There were Joy, peace, and love,
And It was all for me,
When I was finally free,
Free from myself.



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head