I read a terrible news in a news portal today, it painted a horrid picture of what monstrous deeds humanity is capable of, and not for a cause, not for their beliefs and miss believes but just for their own selfish sadistic pleasures. I was feeling deeply disturbed and enraged to the point that I felt my faith in humanity diminishing, but then I came across a post on Facebook shared by a friend, that restored all my faith in humanity again.

He had shared a link requesting contributions on behalf of his ex-colleague and mentor Anurag Bhatnagar whose wife, Puja has to undergo an urgent liver transplant and is currently admitted at Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi. 



Usually, I suspect such posts to be a hoax but since it came from a trusted friend I clicked on the link. The page talks about their story and requests well wishes and contributions. On the right, there is a list of all the contributions from different people so far, I read all those names and their contributions, I could even recognize some names, and some contributions were anonymous. 160 people so far have donated small and big amounts to this cause for a woman, they will probably never meet or be a part of her joy once she gets well. How wonderful is that?! They need INR 30,00,000 and so far they have raised INR 10,23,250 in two days. 

If you too wish to make a contribution, you cane visit the link here.

Yes humanity has its dark side there are savages who would devour anything and anyone just to humor themselves and then there are people who would donate their money and time, for someone somewhere in the world to get better and have a joyful life without any recognition for their good deeds. Why would they do that? To save Puja, an unknown individual? To save an individual’s family from misery? I think they do it to save the humanity left in them, to save the humanity left in this world. I admire those who can still choose kindness and love in this world full of deceit and I just had to join them, I just had to do my bit to save what little humanity is left in the world and luckily it’s not too little.

Yes, I am terrified of the horrors humanity has shown me but today I choose to see the hope it is trying to show me. Today I choose to be proud of the good it is capable of doing.