We have all tried to understand the effect of positive thinking and law of attraction since the movie “The Secret” came out. Over a period of time, I have developed my own understanding of it. Nine months ago, while I was traveling through Rajasthan, I was sitting on the window of an old fort in Udaipur, looking at an aerial view of the valley and the little houses there, contemplating my approach to life. The sun started to set and I felt a calm sweep over me as I looked at the crimson sky,  I realised a couple of things that day.

  1. We want something because we think it will make us feel a certain way, so basically, our final goal is that feeling and not a certain object or situation. That feeling is what we should be working on achieving and not the said object or situation we first imagined would bring it.
  2. We have the power to make our wishes come true, we are a part of this universe and we are the universe in a single drop and until we realise that, nothing else can give us what we want, take us where we want to go or make us feel the way we want to feel.

After a few days I wrote a poem on this blog called,” When You Need A Magic Lamp “, something to remind me from time to time that we have everything we need to create that what we desire, and sent my story, my journey with positive thinking, and my understanding of it to The Secret team with a link to my poem.

Today I discovered and I am really happy to share, that recently, they published my story on their website, in their my story section, here is the link. People who came to visit my blog and read my poem after reading my story told me about it. 🙂

To think that they shared my story because they probably thought it can help and motivate others is very motivating in itself and the thought of maybe, just maybe, being able to inspire someone to achieves their goals makes me feel really content today.