He plucked the flower for himself,
And he was so happy to have it,
But then it started dying,
Day by day, petal by petal
He watched it turn to dust with an aching heart.

The more he tightened his fist,
The faster it started to die,
And if he opened his fist,
It still kept dying, only slowly,
There was nothing he could do to save it.

No sprinkle of water was going to,
Keep it alive for long.
The dear wildflower he finally found
After days of wandering in the forest
Was dying in his hands and all he could do was watch,

Watch and wonder, was it worth it?
All flowers die sooner or later,
Was wandering in search of it,
Fingers he punctured struggling with the thorns,
Those days he spent lost and cold it the forest,

Was it worth it?!



Daily Prompt – Puncture

Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head