We wish for the clouds to part,
And the sun to come out and warm the heart,
But a perfect sunny day never comes like that.
Gentle parting of the clouds gives luminescence of hope,
But not the illuminating fresh start.

For the sun to shine so bright,
That every thing appears anew in its light,
To reinvigorate the dying and restore the right,
The clouds can not just gently part,
There has to be thunder, it has to rain all night.

Violent thunder, fierce lightning, and heavy rain,
That’s what it takes for the skies to be clear again.
Many trees fall in that thunderstorm out of fear or pain,
But the trees that live to see the sunny days that follow
Get to see the happiness reign.

Night is the darkest right before the dawn,
All I am saying is, Just hold on,
Just a little longer and soon it will be gone,
It has to rain for the sun to shine again, And
On those who stand the storm, the sun shines upon.



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head