Eyelids so heavy from the weight of air,
Air that’s getting too heavy to breathe.
I swallow hard a lump in my throat,
And let my eyelids fall to meet my bottom lashes,
I expected peace but there was more chaos.
I am sinking, drowning in the darkness,
Darkness that has been lurking behind,
My tired, heavy eyelids for so long.
I let my head fall back,
And I let myself drown in that darkness.
There is pain, I let it be,
There are troubles, I let them be,
Things to do, I let them be too.
I let the nothingness take over,
And wrap my senses in a vacuum,
creating a barrier,
Separating me from my realities,
And I sleep in middle of chaos.
I sleep and dream of a better day,
In my dreams, it’s sunny again.



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head