I swallowed a warm yellow pill today,

It went down my aching sore throat,

Like a soup made of warm love,

Soothing, caressing, easing the pain.

It filled my chest with the sun shine,

Clearing the cold cobwebs of winters,

Filling it with a warm fresh summer breeze.

The muddy moisture evaporated,

From the damp dark corners inside me,

And a golden light was shining,

Through the cracks on my skin.

I could feel myself heal,

When I swallowed that warm yellow pill.

Why didn’t I do it before?

It was always right there,

Outside my window every morning.

I only ever looked at it, never taking it in,

But not today, today I swallowed it whole,

And saw myself glow, as it warmed my soul.

Yes, I swallowed the Sun,

No, I can’t stop shining.




Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head