Somedays when I think about the end,
And the fact that there is an end
It gets difficult to breathe.
The weight of that thought is so heavy,
That my shoulders start aching
And my back starts bending.
I find myseld seconds away from tears
At all times on those days,
And When I find myself alone
I shed a few drops silently
And stare into that darkness
At the end of the tunnel.

I started this journey
To stay on it for life,
But the enevitability of end
Before my life has come to one,
Now stares at me every time I look up.
I want to be free from this thought,
But the only way for that to happen
Is that you change your mind
Or I approach the darkness sooner,
End it with my own hands.
I would pleade, beg or cry
For you to change your mind,
But thats not how I want it,
Out of kindeness or pitty.
So what do I do, please tell me
Dear destiny,
For I don’t want to end it,
And looking away from the darkness
Is getting difficult with every step forward.



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head