She casts a spell with her heady scent,
leaves you lingering on words wondering what she meant.
Beautiful scars on a delicate frame,
But far from something you can claim or tame.
She is madness wrapped in gorgeous flesh,
Sorcery swirls at the hem of her dress.
Her smile sparkles like the sunlight on a lake,
She tells you with her eyes, that smile is fake.
She looks into your soul with those innocent eyes,
She sees your truth right though your lies,
She whips up a storm when she breathes heavy,
Like a tornado she hits you before you are ready.
You can love her and maybe she will let you,
But no, she will not make it easy to get through.
Neither Your mind nor your heart, not even your flesh,
She demands your soul and nothing less.
Fighting her demons she burns in her own fire,
You have to burn with her if her heart is your desire.
She flies too high, too close to the sun,
If you are scared of heights you better run.



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head