Somedays I just close my eyes and I see,
A boy like joy on the face of my man,
All because he is walking towards me.
At long last, we are together again.

We have been so far away for so long,
There is so much that we both have been through.
Do you still miss me when you hear our song?
Do you still long to hold me close to you?

Night is getting cold, candle burning out,
Flame has started flickering from the breeze.
Send me your love and take away the doubt,
Before my fearful heart begins to freeze.

Write me a letter, tell me you are mine
I will wait, darling just send me a sign.



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head


Inspiration– This piece was written for DARE TO WRITE Poetry Challenge on a face book page Poetry Planet, It’s my first attempt at a Shakespearean Sonnet.
Theme – Love Letter, Structure – 10 syllables/ abab,cdcd,efef,gg.
Results shall be out tomorrow (fingers crossed) 🙂
New development, results are out- Read here.

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