So, I have decided to write a book! It wouldn’t exactly be my first because I have written one before but it was a birthday present for someone who has been a huge inspiration. I got only two copies of it made, let’s just say all the copies were booked even before the book was launched and it was very well received by its target audience.  😉

Now I have decided to write my 1st book for the world, and I am really excited and also scared about it. This post is as much for me as it is for anyone who has been thinking about writing a book. Please know that I am a novice, and this post is based on very little experience and a lot of research. Feel free to correct me or leave me more tips on writing a book. I would really appreciate it!

1st thing we need to know about writing a book is that it’s going to take a lot of time, energy, dedication and mood swings to complete it. Mood swings because on the days you write happy or funny bits of the book you are in a pleasant mood and there are days when you have to take deep emotional dives into dark maters and on those days… well, I am like a ticking bomb (Happened the last time I wrote a book and that book wasn’t even dark), maybe you can handle it better.


  1. The general Idea – You don’t have to know how the book will start or end but you have to have a general idea. Ask yourself these questions.

    a) what will it be about?
    My book will be about two girls, friends, but completely opposite. One is gentle, generous and quite a lady and the other is what you call unladylike, wild, audacious and curt. It will be a book about their parallel lives and different journeys, with a twist in the end. 🙂
    b) What kind of a book will it be?
    I want it to be a thought-provoking book full of contrasts. Joy and sadness, light and darkness, good and evil, love and heartbreaks and I definitely want it to have a pinch of humour.

    c) What cause do you want it to serve?
    I want it to address the two types journeys women and even men for that matter, take under the current social scenario in India. I want this book to raise questions that empower women and men equally in order to find a middle path if there is any and reassess the traditions that do not serve them anymore.

  2. A notebook or a file where you will make a note of sporadic ideas, scenes, conversations or lines that you think of for your book but you can’t use right away.

  3. A laptop, that’s pretty standard I guess and an internet connection because you will need to read a lot too.

  4. Someone or a few someones you can discuss your ideas with, ask for an opinion, talk about writing or just talk gibberish to de-stress. Trust me, you will need it.

  5. Coffee, lots and lots of it or tea or whiskey or detox juice, basically whatever gets you going. 😉


  • Research
    Once you have your ingredients, the first step is research. Days and nights of research.

    a) Since it’s your first book you will need to start by researching on how to write a book, there are many great books, websites, and blogs about it. I hear that On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott are two such very great books.
    Then you research on the subject matter, characters you are trying to build and every real-life thing or idea you are going to include in your book and keep making notes of everything. For example, locations, events, philosophy, diseases etc etc.. Even if it is an autobiographical book you will still have to sit down and go back in your memories and make a note of events, their order, look at pictures or old messages, talk to people to fill the holes in your memories and research about anything you don’t have a clear understanding of.

  • Set a deadline
    You will need to set a deadline for the book if you really want to finish it. Make it as realistic as you can and take it very seriously. You will also need a short-term deadline, like how many words or pages you will write in a day or a week, a deadline for each chapter, whatever works for you best.They say it helps writing in the same place same time every day. Writing a book takes persistence, discipline, and self-control. There are many apps that can help you stay focused and on schedule, look them up if you think you will need them.
  • The basic structure
    While you were doing your research you will have automatically created a rough outline for your books now is the time to create a structure. Understand how you want to start the book and how you want the events and chapters to unfold, make a note of it all. Stay open-minded because you will research more and make a lot of changes as you go along but this will give you the direction to start walking in.
  • Start Writing, let the words flow and enjoy it. Once the first draft is ready, get a second opinion or a third and then rewrite and rewrite until it is ready. 🙂

Writing a book is one part creation and three parts recreation.You first create a story in your head and then you recreate it on paper and then recreate it some more until it takes the shape of a book and then some more until it is a book you will be happy to read.



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