When you are a warrior
You don’t shy away from battles
You learn to wear your battle scars
As medals, as glorious tales of victory
There is honour in battles
Even you die a martyr.

But demons who come in the night

Dressed as dames, defenders or deprived
And strike when your armour comes off
They leave a wound too deep, a scar too ugly.
No honour, no glory in that
Jut shame of having been fooled
By someone, you considered an ally.

After too many sneak attacks

You start to expect the unexpected
You keep your shields up, armour on
And weapons ready at all times
Ready to strike before you get stabbed 
suspecting anyone who gets too close
It is heavier that way but also safer
No one becomes a lone warrior by choice.



Inspiration: Today I stumbled upon a beautiful piece by mistakesandadventuresblog called Grasping, the thought it inspired in me, finally led me to write this poem. Read it here- Grasping

Daily Prompt- Glorious

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