life is a difficult game
And most of us play it
To only pass the time
To safely cross the finish line.

Then again, what can you achieve,
What can you change,
What will you do so grand
That your life will have mattered?
Change your life, lives, cities, countries,
In this colony of ants?
The ant’s and colonies will die
This eath will die.

Live a little, fly you little insect!
Climb the mountain, dive in the oceans
And drink the wine on lovely nights
Dance when the music hits you
Sing along at the top of your voice
And reach out for all that you want
Fall in love, and love fearlessly
live your life as best you can
This is all there is 
The spaces in between
The beginning and the end 
Of your time..



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head