I am too old
To wish for miracles
But that’s ok
I am old enough to
Not need them anymore too.
I know this now
No prince charming comes
No fairy godmother appears,
What you get is
Flawed human beings
Selfish by nature
With their flawed human hearts
And limited understanding
Willing to love you
And spend their lives doing so.

As a mother, a father, a brother
A sister, a friend, a husband, a wife
All far from perfect, they err and fail
And at times they fail you,
But isn’t it almost poetic
That so do you?
And in spite of all your flaws
And all your failures
All your selfishness
They love you
They want to love you
For all of their human lives.
How miraculous is that?

So here’s my vow to you,
I am broken and I am twisted
Some sides of me are ugly
But I will love you if you let me
I will love your broken, twisted
Ugly and beautiful sides
All the same.
To me you are magnificent
Just the way you are,
I will Never need
You to be perfect
To love you.
I won’t promise you
A love that is perfect
But I will give you all of me,
All of my imperfect self
If you’ll have me.



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head