Nothing tests patience
Like a long traffic Jam
On rickety roads
Of a hill station in India.

On a rainy day
The roads get muddy,
Tourists get annoyed,
Same irritated questions
On all the restless faces.

How long will it take to get
Where we were going?
How long until
We get to the scenic site
Where we can relax and
Take in the beauty?

How long until
We can finally be happy?

No one looks outside
Their car window,
No one sees the leaves on the sides
covered in the pearl-like droplets,
No one sees the trees getting drenched
Dancing in the mountain rain,
No one sees the clouds kissing
And caressing the mountain tops.

No one rolls the window down
To feel the freshness of the air on their face,
To smell the rain, to hear the music it makes.
No one stretches their hand outside the window
To feel the rain in their palms.

Happiness was right there,
Outside the car window
Waiting for someone to reach out
And grab it.

No one did,
Everyone missed it,
Busy trying to get
Where they were told
Happiness lives.



Photo Challenge – Window
Picture and Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head