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September 2017

Lone Warrior​

When you are a warrior
You don’t shy away from battles
You learn to wear your battle scars
As medals, as glorious tales of victory
There is honour in battles
Even you die a martyr.

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Sting Of Time

You stub your toe
Running into wrong doors
In dark alleys between
Choices made and fate,
And it stings.

Wondering for days
What you did wrong
Is just as ludicrous
As asking “why?” from fate.
Very often there is no
Answer to find.
It was chance
doing it’s dirty dance. Continue reading “Sting Of Time”

She Is Nature

She is nature
The soft gentle breeze
The very air you breathe
And the drought, the hurricane
Wiping good and evil
All the same.

Destruction without
Like she nurtures
Without discrimination. Continue reading “She Is Nature”

Force Of Nature


Delicate hands
A feeble frame
Dreams too heavy for
Her shapely shoulders
And a penchant
For running into
Troubles and turmoil.

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Holy Shit!!! I Won..!


I woke up and checked the results today they had posted three lists of winners- Outstanding Awards, Commendation Awards & Participation Awards, and my heart sank when none of them had my name.

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Until​ The Night Passes



It’s four in the morning followed by a sleepless night,
Many things I should be worrying about,
Troubles that I can’t seem to run out,
But I can hear the sound of crickets.

Ground under my feet has been shifting,
Dreams are cracking, I should be scared,
Air swishing around the fan and clock’s ticking,

And I listen to the sound of crickets. Continue reading “Until​ The Night Passes”



Somedays I just close my eyes and I see,
A boy like joy on the face of my man,
All because he is walking towards me.
At long last, we are together again.

We have been so far away for so long,
There is so much that we both have been through.
Do you still miss me when you hear our song?
Do you still long to hold me close to you? Continue reading “Letter”

Freedom Demands sacrifice


Dancing light of a half eaten moon,
Trapped inside a dirty old bottle,
locked with a tottery bottle cap
Eager to break free from the trap.

One shudder and the bottle’s down,
All that light spilling on the ground,
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When You Know


When you know what you ought to do,

When you know what it is you want
All the pieces fit together.
The discontent, the feeling of being lost,
The endless search and the failures, 
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