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October 2017

Infinite Numbers

Pick a number, they said
So he started counting in his head
One two three four five six
Kept going, he had to know all his options
To know which one was his perfect bet.

The thing about numbers is that
They are infinite, after counting for years
You finally realize you can’t know it all,
See it all, try it all or be it all
To know for sure which one to pick.
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This Time When You See Me


This time when you see me
Take gentle steps, walk towards me
Slowly and intently.

How long I will have waited to see you,
So when I see you let me see you,
Let me see you see me
With that love in your eyes
That you once saw me with. Continue reading “This Time When You See Me”

Let’s Connect – October, 2017

Hi Dear Bloggers!

They say we only grow by growing others. I have been meaning to create this section for a while now, A place where we all can connect on a more personal level and encourage the blogs and bloggers we admire.

My blog has recently turned one and as of today I have 638 followers and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support. Many of you have inspired me with you work and many of you have encouraged and supported me at every step of the way, you have kept me going and striving to do better. There were times when some of you shared with me how my posts and poems helped you, moved yo or just made you realise something new, those were the times when my blog served its purpose. For all of this I thank you and cherish you with all my heart and dedicate this section to you.
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Empty Words



It becomes difficult to follow
When you walk in one direction
But point in another.
Words start to feel empty
When you say them again and again
But the things you do say something else.
Who doesn’t want to expect good things
But when good things lead to bad things
You stop believing one day.
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Warm Forest


Cheap whiskey
In a coffee mug,
It doesn’t taste great
But It feels better.
The pounding in my head
Is softer now,
The emptiness in my chest
Less heavy to carry,
The days less difficult
To survive.
Oh, how I tell you
How I want to run away
From life itself,
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The constant lump in my throat
Is heavier tonight,
And an emptiness so chaotic
It numbs my mind
But it’s not peaceful,
It’s like that dark night
Where you see nothing
But you are constantly scared.
Like something bad has happened
And you have gone numb from shock,
It’s all a blank but full of fear,
Fear of snapping out of the shock
And feeling the pain,
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Hamster Wheel



Leaders with their theatrical smiles,
Cloaked eyes and mechanical voice,
Renegades and their muffled noise 
Saying something,
Unveiling something.

Sorry! too busy to look up,
Too busy to rise.

Always something important to do 
In our important fast paced lives ,
So we keep running in circles
Like a hamster running on a hamster wheel,
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Our Own Ringmasters


You can get rid of a lot
But not the beast that lives inside,
We all have that side,
We all live with it still inside.
No one gets rid of it
Neither should you try to
For it often protects you,
But it can destroy you too
If it fails to learn the difference
Between the two.

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Is Someone There?


He looked up at the sky and prayed 

To whatever they pray to
Hoping there is something to believe in,
Hoping there is someone listening 
Because he can’t be on his own anymore,
He couldn’t do it alone anymore.
He needed to share the burdens of his soul,
With someone who can handle it.

“Whoever you are, whatever you are
Do you think you can handle it?” He asked. Continue reading “Is Someone There?”

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