When we come face to face with a situation
We were not strong enough to handle,
We improvise, we become stronger
Than we ever thought we could be.

Yes you have seen the darkness
And the filth this world has to offer,
And that is scary, I know.
But if you are still around
Then you also know
That you are too strong for
The darkness to devour.

Whatever comes your way,
You don’t have to feel unsafe
For you have got this!
You dear survivor,
Are too strong now
To fear little things.

If you were waiting
For Someone’s permission
To feel safe, to be happy,
I give it you.
I will not be confused
When you seem happier than the rest,
You have earned it.
I will not ask you questions
When you make brave decisions,
You have proved yourself worthy.

Then again, who am I
To be confused
Or ask questions?
Why should you even need
My permission or support?
I am a stranger
like the rest of them,
I am naive and judgmental,
And busy in my own petty fights
While you are the one fighting demons,
Why concern yourself with my opinions?

But if you still insist,
Here, I approve of you
And your happiness.

My verdict- Not guilty.
I know It was not your fault,
Do you?



Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head