I went to the pawnshop
Offered my dreams as collateral
Pawnbroker showed no interest.

I tried to tell him that they were
Perfectly good dreams,
They could give really good returns
To someone who can pursue them,
I am just not in that place right now
Surely he could offer a decent value against them,
I am good for it!

He Said You either sell them to me now
Or Start Pursuing them.
Dreams are not good collateral,
They offer no interest sitting in a locker
And they depreciate in value
If left unattended.

Dreams fade and get further away
When you look the other way,
Fight for it or forfeit it
No point trying to freeze it
For later use
They don’t work that way.



Daily Prompt- Interest 

Photographer unknown  
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Opinionated Head