He looked up at the sky and prayed 

To whatever they pray to
Hoping there is something to believe in,
Hoping there is someone listening 
Because he can’t be on his own anymore,
He couldn’t do it alone anymore.
He needed to share the burdens of his soul,
With someone who can handle it.

“Whoever you are, whatever you are
Do you think you can handle it?” He asked.

They say there is reason
In whatever happens.
What reason is there in those
Who are born in dust and die
To become dust again? “

“Maybe I am too small
To understand all that,
I won’t ask you to change your plans,
I won’t ask for a home or food
If what you have chosen for me
Is starvation.
All I ask is that you share my hunger,
Share the cold and the loneliness,
Share the pain of my untreated wounds,
And share the helplessness
Of not being able to save my loved ones.

“You didn’t give me much to offer you
And I am too small to matter
Yet I offer you myself
But I come with my burdens.
Do you believe you can handle it?”

“Is someone there?”



Daily Prompt – Believe

Photographer Unknown
Poetry © Copyright 2017, Niharika Jaiswal